Lenovo laptop LCD crack, crack, crack

The screen is displayed only lightly

Screen is red, flickering

The liquid crystal has a line in the panel

Lenovo has the largest sales volume in the world as of 2016, but there are quite a lot of people who own it in Japan as well.

Unlike domestic manufacturers, it is a very popular PC maker because things like PCs are not included at all because they are not used much, so it is possible to keep prices at the time of purchase of PC.

As a manufacturer in China, there are many things that are used in the company rather than individuals, and recently X1 Carbon has become a very popular model.

Most of the parts used as well as Asus and Acer are general purpose products, so if you are a standard model personal computer, you can obtain the parts relatively easily.

In addition, most of the case of liquid crystal repair is cheap repair so please do not hesitate to consult if you would like to repair your computer with a small budget.

Lenovo screen has cracks, cracks and cracks

Because liquid crystal panels have a large number of general-purpose parts, they are generally available.

Excluding personal computers equipped with special liquid crystal, I think that repair is completed on average around 3 days.

At overseas manufacturers, there are the most requests for liquid crystal repair of DELL and LENOVO.

Also, if you have the following series or model number, if it is a laptop computer of near model number, the number of days required for repair will be 1 day, 2 days.

G series: G50, G465, G550, G560, G570, G580, Z500, Z575

E series: E520, E420

SL series: SL510, SL 500

Since it becomes an image before repair and after repair, please refer to it.

Lenovo screen is displayed only slightly


Lenovo’s backlight exchange, inverter exchange can accommodate cheap at our UAE Technician Lenovo Services Centre

For recent specifications, due to the LED specifications, if the screen is slender or not displayed, it will be necessary to replace the panel, but if it is a panel of CCFL we will repair a considerable number in the past .

Though objects of size 15.4 inches are many as repair requests for replacing the backlight and replacing the inverter, it is possible to deal with from about 12 inches to about 17 inches!

When Backlight Replacement is Required

The backlight of the notebook computer corresponds to the “fluorescent light (light bulb)” part at home, and it may become red when the backlight deteriorates, so backlight replacement is required.

Lenovo screen is blank

When you need repair of liquid crystal panel replacement, HDD exchange, motherboard repair】

If liquid crystal is not displayed at all even if Lenovo’s liquid crystal panel is replaced, failure other than the liquid crystal panel may be considered. As the estimate contents, the liquid crystal panel will be exchanged, but in the case other than liquid crystal by actually investigating the personal computer, we will contact you once.

I turned on the power, but the whole became whitish and I can not move on.

When you turn on the power, you can hear the sound that sounds when the window starts up, but no screen is displayed as much as you wait.

Lenovo liquid crystal contains red and blue lines

When you need repair of liquid crystal panel replacement, cable replacement, motherboard repair

If you drop or bump a Lenovo laptop you may get a line in the LCD, but this is because the display base is damaged and you need to replace the LCD panel.

However, if you do not improve it even if you replace the panel, motherboard repair may be necessary.

I got a line on the screen

Lenovo screen becomes sticky

When backlight exchange, inverter replacement is required

If the screen is flickering, there is a possibility of backlight failure, inverter failure.

Either case is often one malfunction, and if symptoms do not improve even if one is exchanged, the other will be replaced.

The screen becomes flickering or blinks

Sometimes the display turns black, sometimes it appears normally, and it makes a stinker.

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