Laptop battery maintenance use three major errors in detail analysis

As the battery belongs to expensive notebook “consumables”, it triggered a lot of use on the controversy

With the gradual popularization of laptops, all aspects of laptop computers have followed the issue, the most controversial in various media, the number of laptop batteries to use the correct way, some articles that are used laptop battery personal experience, while others claim to be Expert guidance, a variety of opinions are there, many controversies.

The author is also an ordinary laptop users, although not what experts, but has many years of experience in the use of notebooks, the author got dozens of friends through the use of notebooks students, let them talk about their experience on the use of laptop batteries, plus A little bit of their own experience, summed up for everyone to provide a reference, hoping to give you a little help.

Argument 1

New battery activation

Point 1: The new battery will buy 3% of the remaining power, the battery drain exhausted, until the shutdown, and then use an external power supply. Charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times, in order to activate the battery.

Point 2: Do not need to charge the battery 10 hours to activate the battery activity, in accordance with the normal charge and discharge activation.

Findings: The author after investigation, 24 college student notebook users, 18 is the second point of view, but this charging method does not cause any harm to the future of battery use, of course, to exclude natural damage factors. The author himself is the case, the normal use of the new battery up to two and a half hours, the current past two years, the battery condition is still very good, still can reach more than two hours, so I have been satisfied.

Suggestion: I agree with the second point of view, according to the information that the battery activation work should be completed within the factory, the laptop battery with a little power is to avoid the natural loss of battery damage. The activation of the battery should be carried out in the absence of protection circuit, the lithium battery circuit itself with a protection circuit, the purpose of this circuit is to avoid excessive charge and discharge of the battery, the general battery is full, the charge indicator goes out , The battery is not charged into the battery, then you plug in the power plug then recharge the battery what is the use? Can be seen from the battery status of the battery is not charging, the other to teach you a simple way to determine whether the battery is charging, the battery charging time will have a fever, when the battery is full after an hour (power Plug unpredictable), you go try the battery to see if the battery is hot or not hot? The result is definitely cold, because the battery is not charging and discharging state, of course, does not heat. Notebook manufacturers at the factory will recommend that the new battery charge more than 10 hours. This sentence may make some users have the first kind of wrong point of view, the author of this view is that it should be notebook manufacturers consider some new users in the new battery and can not fully grasp the charging skills, simply let them directly charge Ten hours, so this should be the business strategy.

Argument 2

When unplug the battery when the external power supply?

Point 1: Remove the battery when using external power.

Point 2: When using an external power supply without removing the battery.

Survey results: Most students use the external power supply, the battery removed, only a few use of external power supply when the battery is placed on the top, the few students are using a few brands are international brands.

Recommended method: In fact, whether the battery is removed, the conflict is mainly concentrated in the use of external power supply when the battery is charging up. You know, the number of battery charge and discharge is directly related to the life, the general number of lithium batteries set the number of charge and discharge is fixed, the number of charging only 400-600 times, after special improvement of the product but also more than 800 times, each charge once the battery Take a step toward retirement. The first point of view is nothing more than fear of the use of power, the battery on the top will be charged, not only increase the number of charges, but also cause overcharge.

The second view is that a fully charged battery is on the computer and will not be recharged when using external power. In fact, both views have their right side, but there are mistakes.

Because this is just an opinion of others, is not very comprehensive, after the author’s investigation, many notebook manufacturers are taking into account the vulnerability of the battery, and in the product added to the battery protection technology, so different brands of laptop batteries corresponding Charge protection technology is different, like some big vendors in this area has done very well, such as: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Compaq and so on. One of the most thoughtful is IBM, IBM’s laptop to detect battery discharge, ThinkPad notebook will only charge when the battery is less than 95% of the time.

This battery can play a good protective effect, and now many other manufacturers have to follow suit. So batteries like this do not need to be unplugged when used, as it charges only when the battery is below 95%. Even so, if you are using the computer for a long time, it is better to remove the battery, because the heat generated when the notebook is running for a long time will cause some damage to the battery.

However, other “small brand” laptop battery, you can enjoy this treatment, because it is not inside the battery to take protection technology. If I use a certain brand of laptop, if the fully charged battery on top, when using an external power supply must first charge, because the battery will be stored loss, it is impossible to achieve 100%, as long as not 100% , The power connected to the charge.


Each external power supply is equivalent to charging the battery once, although only for a small time. Therefore, we recommend that you use the machine according to their own circumstances, check the notebook manual, select the use of external power supply is removed when the battery.

Argument 3

How to properly charge?

Point 1: The battery should be used up every time after all the power consumption, let the laptop automatically shut down and recharge, each must be full.

Point 2: When the battery does not have to be very deliberate to pay attention to, when used to charge on the charge.

Findings: Most of my classmates said that it is not necessary to use the automatic shutdown recharge as in the first point of view, nor the second point of view. Generally when the battery is used when the computer prompts you need to recharge the battery, of course, the prompt you can set their own time, the default is to 3%.

Suggestion: The method suggested by the author is the same as that of most of your classmates. In fact, regardless of whether the laptop uses lithium battery or NiMH batteries, these batteries are memory effect, NiMH batteries have a memory effect is obvious, but lithium also have a memory effect, but its memory effect smaller than NiMH .

There is no memory effect on the lithium argument, but businesses irresponsible exaggerated advertising, is entirely wrong guide. Then since the battery has a memory effect, it should pay attention to when charging, try to run out of recharge, but do not have to deliberately say that the computer must be used to automatically shut down, so use it though there is no harm (because the laptop battery has a charge and discharge Protection, the average laptop automatically shut down but also less than the standard battery discharge protection), but do you feel so tired? In fact, less than 3% charge in this way is very good, the memory effect will certainly be, compared to the natural loss, it should not be nothing.

As for the second idea of ​​charging, I totally disagree with it. As I said earlier, whether it is a nickel-metal hydride battery or a lithium battery, it all has a memory effect. If the battery life is shortened, the battery life will be greatly shortened.

iphone 6 Plus: Charging Problems And Solutions

A phone failure can occur without any reason, and most often it happens at the most inopportune moment. It happens that the iPhone 6 plus works fine, but it does not get charged.

If you decide to purchase an iPhone, you should know about some cases that happen to their owners. In no case should not be afraid of them, in most cases all faults are eliminated very quickly. If you still hesitate which model to choose, then by clicking on the link can see not only the models and prices for them, but also consult the manager absolutely free of charge.

A phone failure can occur without any reason, and most often it happens at the most inopportune moment. It happens that the iPhone 6 plus works fine, but it does not get charged. In most cases, the solution to the problem is very simple. But only a specialist with sufficient experience and high qualification will be able to recognize the breakdown.

If something like this happened, then immediately you need to pay attention to the jack for the charger. If signs of oxidation are found inside, the cause of the breakdown is most likely in this. Oxidation occurs due to the ingress of moisture inside and there will be a small amount of it. It is worth noting that self-repair can lead to a more expensive, and sometimes impossible in the future repair of the mobile device.

Also, the cause of the failure, according to which the smartphone is not charging, can be its loop. On phones of the brand iPhone 6 plus, this loop responds not only for charging the device, but also for the central button with the microphone. Therefore, its failure can affect these parts of the device. Among other things, the train is a very fragile detail, and even a slight amount of moisture or dust can disable it.

It’s no exception that the iPhone stopped charging due to a fall or other mechanical impact. In this case, you will need to diagnose the device, which can only be carried out by specialists of the service center.

Employees of such centers have extensive experience and know all the subtleties of the iPhone 6 plus. Also they will be able to perform quality repairs in the maximum time and at an affordable price. The repair procedure, which is associated with a malfunction of charging, in most cases, takes no more than one hour. Also, the specialists of the firm are always confident in the high quality of their work and will always give the customer a guarantee.

Lenovo laptop LCD repair

Lenovo laptop LCD crack, crack, crack

The screen is displayed only lightly

Screen is red, flickering

The liquid crystal has a line in the panel

Lenovo has the largest sales volume in the world as of 2016, but there are quite a lot of people who own it in Japan as well.

Unlike domestic manufacturers, it is a very popular PC maker because things like PCs are not included at all because they are not used much, so it is possible to keep prices at the time of purchase of PC.

As a manufacturer in China, there are many things that are used in the company rather than individuals, and recently X1 Carbon has become a very popular model.

Most of the parts used as well as Asus and Acer are general purpose products, so if you are a standard model personal computer, you can obtain the parts relatively easily.

In addition, most of the case of liquid crystal repair is cheap repair so please do not hesitate to consult if you would like to repair your computer with a small budget.

Lenovo screen has cracks, cracks and cracks

Because liquid crystal panels have a large number of general-purpose parts, they are generally available.

Excluding personal computers equipped with special liquid crystal, I think that repair is completed on average around 3 days.

At overseas manufacturers, there are the most requests for liquid crystal repair of DELL and LENOVO.

Also, if you have the following series or model number, if it is a laptop computer of near model number, the number of days required for repair will be 1 day, 2 days.

G series: G50, G465, G550, G560, G570, G580, Z500, Z575

E series: E520, E420

SL series: SL510, SL 500

Since it becomes an image before repair and after repair, please refer to it.

Lenovo screen is displayed only slightly


Lenovo’s backlight exchange, inverter exchange can accommodate cheap at our UAE Technician Lenovo Services Centre

For recent specifications, due to the LED specifications, if the screen is slender or not displayed, it will be necessary to replace the panel, but if it is a panel of CCFL we will repair a considerable number in the past .

Though objects of size 15.4 inches are many as repair requests for replacing the backlight and replacing the inverter, it is possible to deal with from about 12 inches to about 17 inches!

When Backlight Replacement is Required

The backlight of the notebook computer corresponds to the “fluorescent light (light bulb)” part at home, and it may become red when the backlight deteriorates, so backlight replacement is required.

Lenovo screen is blank

When you need repair of liquid crystal panel replacement, HDD exchange, motherboard repair】

If liquid crystal is not displayed at all even if Lenovo’s liquid crystal panel is replaced, failure other than the liquid crystal panel may be considered. As the estimate contents, the liquid crystal panel will be exchanged, but in the case other than liquid crystal by actually investigating the personal computer, we will contact you once.

I turned on the power, but the whole became whitish and I can not move on.

When you turn on the power, you can hear the sound that sounds when the window starts up, but no screen is displayed as much as you wait.

Lenovo liquid crystal contains red and blue lines

When you need repair of liquid crystal panel replacement, cable replacement, motherboard repair

If you drop or bump a Lenovo laptop you may get a line in the LCD, but this is because the display base is damaged and you need to replace the LCD panel.

However, if you do not improve it even if you replace the panel, motherboard repair may be necessary.

I got a line on the screen

Lenovo screen becomes sticky

When backlight exchange, inverter replacement is required

If the screen is flickering, there is a possibility of backlight failure, inverter failure.

Either case is often one malfunction, and if symptoms do not improve even if one is exchanged, the other will be replaced.

The screen becomes flickering or blinks

Sometimes the display turns black, sometimes it appears normally, and it makes a stinker.

Dell and Alienware Announce Two Monitors with Curved Display 34

During the Berlin Fair, IFA 2017 , Dell and Alienware announced the arrival of two new gaming monitors featuring huge 34-inch curved displays with a 21: 9 aspect ratio .

The first model, identifiable by the AW3418DW , is a high-end monitor featuring a WQHD (3440×1440) display that supports a 120Hz refresh rate and a response time of 4ms . The screen, designed to offer a greater visual field and sharper image quality, features NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor technology that makes gaming experience more fluid.

The second model, identifiable with the AW3418HW , features a WFHD (2560 x 1080)resolution panel with a refresh rate of 160Hz. Again, the monitor will have a 4ms response time and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Both models will be available in the United States from today, August 30, at a respective starting price of $ 1499 and $ 1199. Visit UAE technician website for best Alienware repair in Dubai.

What is the difference between Primary Key and Unique key?

Both Primary Key and Unique Key enforces uniqueness of the column on which they are defined. But by default Primary Key creates a Clustered Index on the column, where are Unique Key creates a Nonclustered Index by default. Another major difference is that, Primary Key doesn’t allow NULLs, but Unique Key allows one NULL only.

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