What is the difference between proxied and proxyless calls?

Proxied calls are made through stub objects that mimic your PHP classes on the JavaScript side. E.g., the helloworld class from the Hello World example.

Proxyless calls are made using utility javascript functions like HTML_AJAX.replace() and HTML_AJAX.append().

Why is AJAX a comfortable fit with JAVA?

AJAX is a comfortable fit because, using Java Enterprise Edition the following tasks can be performed:

  • AJAX client pages can be generated to server incoming AJAX requests
  • Server side state is managed for AJAX clients
  • AJAX clients can be connected to enterprise resources.

What are the benefits of AJAX over Java applet?

  • Html based web applications are easily searchable & can be indexed.
  • Startup time to load a applets is more that loading a page with ajax.
  • Applets provides a different look and feel than a normal web based application
  • AJAX applications are loaded in seconds, where as Applets takes longer time.The reason is, Applet applications are tend to load large libraries.
  • AJAX provides standard look and feel for web applications, where as Applets provides GUI based look and feel.
  • AJAX features can increase from a conventional web application, where as Applets uses complete programming process right from the scratch.
  • Java version changes enable incompatibilities between Applet and java environments used by the browser, where as in AJAX incompatibilities are not the constraints.

What is AJAX and what problem does it solve?

Ajax: It is a short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It solves the problem of unnecessary data transfers and allows asynchronous processing and avoids unnecessary processing to be done by server.

Ajax is a set of client side technologies that allows asynchronous communication between client and web server. In synchronous communication, complete round trip happens with each request/response action event when small data of the page to be refreshed. Ajax has solved this problem of posting entire information every time through asynchronous communication.

XmlHttpRequest is the basic fundamental behind Ajax. This allows browser to communicate with server without making post backs.

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